• Pet Emergency Fund: The purpose of the pet emergency fund is to provide need-based financial assistance to pet parents when their pet is diagnosed with a treatable illness or injury.
  • Basic Care Fund: The purpose of the basic care fund is to provide financial assistance for pet spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, medications, and heartworm treatment/preventative for low-income pets.
  • Wellbeing Fund: The purpose of the wellbeing fund is to fund non-emergency vet care meant to improve the quality of the pet’s life.
  • Pet Supply Fund: The purpose of the pet supply fund is to provide financial assistance for the purchase of a pet’s food, litter, or other supplies when a pet parent is in a temporary financial tough spot.
  • Safe Pet Fund: The purpose of the safe pet fund is to provide funds for the boarding of pets of victims of domestic violence so they can safely get out of their situation without having to worry about their pets. To be implemented by the end of 2023.
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