This is Kalohe. His mom and him are very best friends. Kalohe really needed to get to the vet for a severe double ear infection. Unfortunately, his mom had been unable to afford to take him. Best Friends Together was able to help Kalohe get the treatment he needed thanks to our wonderful supporters.


This is Shadow. Shadow’s mom called me and told me she was scared her dog was going to die. Shadow was lethargic, throwing up, had diarrhea, and wouldn’t eat or drink. Shadow’s family lives on a tight income and needed help affording the cost of his treatment. Best Friends Together was able to help Shadow’s […]


This is Snoopy! He broke his leg and needed surgery to fix it. His mom was on the verge of signing him over to a rescue to save his life when we found out what was going on. She desperately wanted to keep her baby. We were able to call the vet and fund the […]


This is Ninja! Ninja had stomatitis – an extremely painful mouth disease. The ultimate treatment was for Ninja to have all his teeth extracted. Ninja’s mom got him in 2008 after her husband was killed in Iraq. He is very special to her. The stomatitis has gotten so bad that Ninja had stopped eating and […]

Sweet Ozzy the Black Cat!

This is Ozzy! Ozzy decided to get curious while his owner was away one day and got into some Christmas decorations. Silly Ozzy thought he had found some extra sparkly food and ended up eating part of a plastic decoration. He ended up having an intestinal blockage from the plastic and needed emergency vet care […]

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